quarta-feira, setembro 19, 2007

lavender diamond

Did you know that this is the beginning of the era of true love? The end of oppression? Of the self or the other. It's true. True love can only exist in the absence of oppression and where true love exists there is no oppression.
This is the moment of the invention of peace on earth. Like the moment just before the invention of the printing press. Or the day after, or the week of. Imagine the sun going down and you pass a window and someone inside is writing notes (and that someone is you) and those notes are about a letterpress- or an airplane- or the that the world is round- or that peace will come to earth. We will look back on this moment with astonishment and wonder how we lived in the time of war- much the same way we look back with astonishment at a time on earth without humans- or birds- or clouds- or at a time when dinosaurs lived-But do not forget that everything on earth and in heaven may come and go. There was a time before humanity. There was a time before America. There was a time before the sky, there was a time before earth. And this is the time before peace. I declare that the age of war is over and that soon it will be a memory. War is now extinct and peace is the new species.Imagine this. And Invent this with the full force of your soul, your mind, your heart, your voice. Earth is heaven, the water is magic, the ground is magic, your voice is magic, you are pure magic. Remember yourself. Bring peace.Peace to all the children of the world, forever and ever and now,


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4 comentários:

Maria del Sol disse...

Intrigada não, fascinada. Graças a ti :)

Parrovski disse...

Tenho de conhecer melhor :)

Betty Coltrane disse...

É lindo amiga, obrigado por me teres mostrado!!! :D

É favor traficar mais tarde, ok?

naturalissima disse...

Ena amiga... venho de fugida... deixo-te um beijinho e obrigada pela vista... até ao final do mês terei pouco tempo para comentar melhor.
Estou cheia de trabalhoooo...
Mas por cá passarei paar te ler... sempre.