domingo, setembro 16, 2007

dor (*)

It may not always be so, and I say
That if your lips, which i have loved, should touch
Another's, and your dear strong fingers clutch
His heart, as mine in time not far away
If on another's face your sweet hair lay
In such a silence as I know, or such
Great writhing words as, uttering overmuch
Stand helplessly before the spirit at bay
If this should be, I say if this should be
You of my heart, send me a little word
That I may go unto her, and take her hands
Saying, accept all happiness from me
Then shall I turn my face, and hear one bird
Sing terribly afar in the lost lands

(*) björk - sonnets/unrealities xi

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Betty Coltrane disse...


Anónimo disse...

É triste, mt triste

Maria del Sol disse...

É tão belo quanto triste... ;(

little_blue_sheep disse...


O Profeta disse...

Hoje decidi aprisionar o teu querer
De amor regado com agua pura
No céu há uma estrela que é tua
Na terra há um beijo à tua procura...

Boa semana

Mágico beijo