quinta-feira, agosto 31, 2006

que dia é hoje?

Go ahead, slug the guy who stole your girl. You'll fee nuch better.

An international panel of mental health experts has named August 31 as National Hate Day.
On this date, people all over the world are encouraged to smack their neighbors, kick their in-laws, tell off their spouses, send nasty letters to elderly relatives, punch rude clerks, throw drinks at waiters and do anything it takes to get out all the hostility they keep buried in order to be a "nice person."
"Our studies show that if an individual can look forward to a chance to express all the rage they suppress, it will dramatically slash stress levels," says Dr. Julius Finneberg, a Swiss psychiatrist who led the symposium in The Hague. "Stress comes from keeping your real feelings bottled up. If you're human, you hate everyone you meet. If you didn't despise, detest and loathe every person around you, then you'd be a saint. "That's why there are so many of us who are depressed, anxious and upset. We spend millions on medication to keep us from throwing ourselves in front of a speeding train to stop the pain.
"Our research proves National Hate Day -- one 24 hour period -- will prevent and cure stress. Let it all hang out and the world will be a better place."

fonte: weekly world news

isto dá ideias dá...

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marcox disse...

epá, francês não é comigo, mas o cão é bonito!

betty coltrane disse...

Oh, sim.... Muitas ideias!! MUAhahahahahhahaaaaaa!!!!! ;P

Acho que vou começar por partir a loiça velha - espanta o stress, e até faço uma limpeza aos armários! :D

He! Este dia é excelente para uma menina que nós cá conhecemos! LOL!

teresa disse...

Raios.. e eu só soube disto hoje!! :(